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TecFold is committed to providing individuals, small and large businesses with customized, innovative, cost-effective and timely solutions for their websites. In parallel, we strive to design and develop software packages for both Internet and Mobile Technology, making them relevant to clients’ market and industry, and subsequently helping them grow their audience and business.

To become a prime provider of quality web and software solutions which our clients look for to generate impressive results in the competitive marketplace. Our objective is to build website designs that are powerful enough to captivate and engage our clients’ intended target audience, making them stand out and alone in their marketplace. We make every effort to offer best-in-class platforms for their companies’ story online in a simple and inspiring way.
Bottom line: Our vision is to lead by example.

Company Brief:
TecFold is a small start-up firm located in Baabda, Mount Lebanon - Lebanon. We offer Internet and Web-related services to individuals, small and large businesses. The services we offer include: Consultancy, Web Design, Web Re-Design, Web Solutions, Website Management and Maintenance, Internet Marketing, …

The company name TecFold denotes the core nature of our business. Technology is evidently the engine driving our company’s operations, hence the acronym “Tec”, whereas the multiple layers of services offered imply the “Fold” shortening.

We are experienced in commercial Web development and business-to-business sales, and thus we believe we can offer a unique and superior service to small business owners, in comparison to what is currently available. We have developed a system that reduces project costs and henceforth would allow us to offer the same high-end Web development services as larger companies receive at a much lower cost to the client.



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