An ecommerce website is a great vehicle for making extra money for your business and has the advantage of being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and reaching a worldwide audience.

Reasons to Buy Online:

  • 24X7 convenience to shop
  • Better prices with better deals/offers
  • Easy comparison of two similar products
  • Easy creation of wish list
  • Provision of shipping products to recipients at a specified location

TecFold develop customized shopping carts to systematize your payment and data processes. We offer superior e-Commerce solutions, designed to meet your needs and converts visitors into customers.

Our developed custom online store promises you:

  • Full control over all your products including categories, prices, …
  • Access to a powerful backend program that would help you in handling orders, viewing statistical status for every purchase, tracking overall sales and much more.
  • Out-of-the-box ecommerce solutions at affordable prices.
  • Search Engine friendly

It’s right time to transform your idea into a reality to take your business to a new level.


A blog is a great way to provide updated and fresh content to your customers; it’s known to be an essential Marketing tool for your business these days...

Blogs require no specialist knowledge to run and you can just login and start posting entries straightaway, enabling you to interact with existing and potential customers to promote your services or products.

TecFold customize a design, develop and manage back-end operations to set up and popularize your blog.

Our Services include:

  • Blog Installation
  • Blog Design
  • Blog Ad Intergration
  • Blog Social Media Integration
  • Search Engine Friendly Blog

Why not consider adding a blog to your website...?


Our simple custom CMS solutions are highly user friendly, cost effective, gives you complete control over your website's content and most important, it turns your website Search Engine friendly. It allows you to create, update and remove content, images, videos, services, products, testimonials and other dynamic elements quickly and effortlessly on a day-to-day basis. Moreover you can even add or delete pages when needed with just a few clicks!

TecFold will provide you with the necessary coaching on how to do that real easily.

Our easy-to-use CMS also has numerous benefits:

  • Decentralized maintenance: access your content anywhere, any time
  • User-friendly interface: requires no fancy HTML coding experience of any kind
  • Authorization for administrator roles: give different members of your company different levels of access to your site, so that they can manage content appropriate for their position
  • Aesthetic consistency: personalized admin pages only prompt you to add, update or delete actual content, not design code


Get attractive and user-friendly web-based product catalogs and increase customers' online orders! We guarantee you will boost sales without complications.

It's proven that e-catalogs are one of the most effective means of product promotion. They are the best way for your prospects to learn about your products and services. Plus you don’t have the geographical limits of distribution, since they are available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Our web-based product catalogs are very user-friendly for you and your customers. Adding and modifying items from your e-catalog is so simple that there's no need for special programmers or maintenance staff, which saves you time and money.


Whether you need to frequently update rental listings, properties for sale or showcase development projects, TecFold creates professional websites that accommodate the individual needs of real estate agents. Our Real Estate Web Solution is fully customizable and easy to use and maintain. Updating your real estate listings has never been so easy and affordable.

Some of TecFold's notable Real Estate Web Design service features are:

  • Manage unlimited number of Property Sales and Rental Listings.
  • Powerful and Flexible Property Search Engine.
  • Site members can check and add properties via the front-end.
  • Hot properties listings.
  • Displays contact details (owner) for each property.
  • E-mail notification to administrators when an object added.
  • Recommend to friend email feature.
  • Mortgage calculator.
  • SEO-friendly URL's – compatible.
  • Full GoogleMaps support with automatic (geo-coded) or manual coordinates insertion, separately for each property.


TecFold excels in creating an auction website that works for our clients. We understand the challenges these sites present, and the solutions needed to achieve the highest performance.

Our Auction Solutions:

  • Lowest Unique bid auction: The website features a unique auction website where the lowest unique bidder wins the auction.
  • Highest Unique bid auction: The website features a unique auction website where the highest unique bidder wins the auction.
  • Live Bid Auction: The Live Bid Auction website platform is best explained as being a virtual shopping channel that enables sellers to sell their products to autonomous buyers for a cheap price.
  • Counter Auction: An Auction Counter is set for every auction. This shows how much time has passed since the last bid. When the set time after the last bid has passed, the auction closes and the person who holds the highest bid wins.
  • Express Auction: All Items are listed with a single starting price. The actual price is hidden until you pay an xxx Credit. With each Credit payment, the price decreases, so the actual price is always less than the starting price - often considerably! After each credit payment a user can choose to buy straight away if they like the current price of Item.
  • Zero Auctions: All Items are listed with a single starting price. The actual price is hidden until you pay an xxx Credit. With each Credit payment, the price decreases, so the actual price is always less than the start price. When the item price reaches $0.00, you have become the final buyer of the auction!


Want to set up an Internet dating site? TecFold can assist you with their online dating software that is totally customized to your specifications. Our powerful and automated online dating software enables you to create a fully functional and interactive dating or social website:

  • Customize your online dating software in any way.
  • Create as many profile fields and groups, as you need and organize them by type for more flexibility.
  • Allow your users to upload all kinds of media content and share it with their friends and family.
  • Users can send each other private messages and chat live using built in instant messenger.
  • Keep your site fresh and dynamic by letting users write blogs, sign guest books and create events.


In a highly competitive market, a successful hotel Web Solution needs to deliver ROI (return on investment).
Your hotel website must also deliver clarity, order and trust so as to generate confidence in your web visitors to commit on buying your services, be it accommodation, conference services or dining.
TecFold can help you to stand out, attract visitor attention and convert visitors into making booking enquiries and sales.
Your reservation bookings are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Features (Hotels and B&B):

  • Define unlimited number of Rooms and Room categories
  • Easily create and manage your hotel guests
  • Create any kind of extra services, or accommodation options for your guests
  • Create and publish coupons for your guests
  • Create special offers and assign them to selected dates
  • Define custom booking rates and periods
  • Optional, compact, ajax-based availability calendar
  • Display description of available room category, including expandable thumbnail, short description and amenities that you define in your back-end.
  • Review booking details and add extra services, preferences or requests. Total price and deposit dynamically updated according to the selected extras.
  • Send nice looking emails to guests and administrators upon successful booking requests and booking confirmations.
  • Optionally accept online payments.
  • Bookings are automatically confirmed after receiving the pre-defined deposit amount.


In today’s knowledge economy, the need to train employees is greater than ever, but the costs and constraints are also growing.
By implementing eTraining solutions that move training from the classroom to the Internet, companies are achieving tremendous cost savings, improved learning, and more rapid implementation of new ideas, policies, and procedures.

E-Learning is an extremely valuable tool for employee development and can also be used to dramatically enhance and extend relationships with customers.
TecFold creates online learning environments that combine an engaging mix of video, audio, animation, surveys, and other tested and proven learning methodologies — providing value and advantages for users and administrators alike.

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