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TecFold is an integrated web development company. Our web design packages are for everyone: small, medium and large businesses, start-up businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals.

Our highly-skilled team understands your business to deliver solutions that work for you…

At TecFold, technology meets creativity to produce quality web designs that not only attract, retain and improve user experience, but also generate higher revenues for your site.

As part of our analysis we consider your budget, time frame and business goals to come up with a web design plan that fits your unique business requirements.


If your existing website is looking a bit tired and outdated; or if you perhaps want to upgrade it with some new features, then website redesign is the answer. Our professional website redesign services are ideal to give your old existing website a « facelift ».

Websites need continuous refinement and improvement. There are many other reasons for website redesign:

We will redesign your website, perhaps even starting from scratch to achieve an effective state-of-the-art website presence.

Planning a website redesign? Give us a call and leave the rest on us…


To stand in the spotlight, you need a website content writing service with an established reputation of delivering instructive and credible reproduction of details that is equally enhanced for an increase in search engine traffic. The accurate content can earn you a lead in the free organic search listings and provide you with the precise words that would help induce your future projections.

TecFold offers you translation services from and to any desired language. Translated content is fully reviewed by an accredited language translator.

These services include:

  • Examining the content.
  • Wording and Phrasing.
  • Editing the content.


Recent statistics show that nearly 70% of internet users in the world currently access the web from their mobile phones and/or tablets.

If your website is more than a couple of years old, then it is time to have a revamp. One of our professionals will work on updating all the features and development files of your website so as to configure it on any mobile device.

Whatever the case, we at TecFold ensure your website and web pages will work perfectly well on mobile phones and/or tablets.

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